Enter the world of Mortex : colored mineral covering with a 'waxed concrete' look!

With its technical and aesthetics properties, the MORTEX coating, thin and colorful, is suitable for your new construction or renovation projects!

This mineral micro-mortar, composed among others of natural lime, was developed by the company BEAL 25 years ago to make a real technical progress in the market of coatings. Waterproof, the MORTEX coating has evolved towards more aesthetics and creativity, thanks to the infinite play of colors and possible effects.

Sensual material, the MORTEX coating follows all forms and offers a continous ‘polished concrete’ look to your realizations, both horizontal and vertical, indoor and outdoor.

The MORTEX coating has many technical and aesthetic benefits for both building renovation as for new constructions.

Adhesion, flexibility, thinness

Adhering to many supports, the MORTEX coating can be used to cover tiles, MDF, cement, etc. without demolition! Its application in thin layers facilitates the realization of your projects and ensures low products consumption.

Impermeable and hard-wearing

Thanks to its unrivaled resistance to abrasion, the MORTEX coating has a very advantageous lifespan! In addition, this material with ‘polished concrete’ or ‘tadelakt’ aspect is waterproof.

Continuous and infinitely customizable coating

Applied continuously, the MORTEX coating provides a seamless and infinitely customizable result. Its neutral basis allows pigmentation according to your imagination.

From floor to the walls, inside and outside, for your furniture or decoration, let your imagination wander. Explore multiple possibilities through the MORTEX coating, the mineral skin with unique properties!

Floors & Stairs

Realize your vision

Laid on tiles or on a screed with a suitable underfloor heating, the MORTEX coating is the ideal covering for your staircase and your floors. It is hard-wearing and comes in your own style!

Showers & Wetrooms

Invitation to relax

With its impermeability, the MORTEX coating is ideal for surfaces in contact with water. For your showers, bathrooms, sinks,… spoil yourself with a continuous coating with a unique mineral look very pleasant to touch.

Furniture & Decoration

Timeless elegance

The MORTEX coating literally transforms a worktop, in kitchens or bathrooms, by offering a unique mineral aspect, completely personalized. Colors, shades, shapes, textures, effects, …, the only limit of the MORTEX coating for your furniture and decorations is your imagination. Have fun!

Pools & ponds

Dive into your imagination

Originally, the MORTEX coating was used for the waterproofing of foundations, basements and tanking. Its technique has evolved nowadays allowing everyone to choose from endless possibilities of shapes and colors. With the MORTEX coating, open the door to your creativity to your pools and natural ponds.

Technical and esthetic, the MORTEX coating offers a unique result, according to the expertise and skills of the person who lays it on.

Users of the MORTEX coating appropriate this material according to their skills, dexterity and technical expertise. Each result is unique.

Ensure the success of your work!

The realization of a MORTEX coating sample for your project will allow you to visualize the real rendering and confirm your choice before starting the work. Convinced? Learn more about our trainings or find an applicator.

To ensure the success of your project, BEAL, the MORTEX coating’s manufacturer, proposes a training cycle intended to teach you how to apply the MORTEX coating.

Conscious about a successful implementation according to its use, we train you to its application in our training centers and at our partners, beginning with an initiation that provides access to specialized trainings in relation to your project.

Just like any natural stone, the MORTEX coating must be protected and maintained appropriately to preserve it at its most beautiful aspect.

Read more about the MORTEX coating's maintenance

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